Yiğitcan Sonlu

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"Yiğitcan Sonlu started his career in highschool years, with the education he recieved from Raffi Arslanyan. Afterwards, with the harmonics training he got from Oğuz Abadan, published his first creation, "Yıldızlar" alongside his own music band, Sonrası İçin. The band Sonrası İçin broke up in 2018 due to disagreements among the members. This resulted in the failures in various attempts of recording and team efforts afterwards. In 2020, after his audio engineering education in Yıldız Technical University, he begun creating songs using his own lyrics and compositions. He published the song in which he produced, and worked in every step of its conception, "Güzelliğin (Hep Karşımda)" in 2021. In 2022, he published "Yeri Hiç Dolmadı", and his other song, in which he critisized the political situation of the time, "İnsanlık Bir Seçimdi". Currently, Yiğitcan Sonlu also continues his acting career. You can follow him on IMDB and other social media platforms in order to be notified, about the new possible future projects he may create or be involved in."

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